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Museum in the culture store Wuerzburg
“Photograph and data image. Traces of Concrete Photography “ISBN 978-3-86828-555-0

Publisher: Gottfried Jaeger, Henrike Holsing

Authors: Bernd Stiegler, Gottfried Jaeger, Henrike Holsing

The museum in the cultural store Wuerzburg, with the collection Peter C. Ruppert one of the centres for concrete art in Germany, has already 2005 the concept of» Concrete Photography «In the spotlight of research. Ten years later, the exhibition photo and data image – traces of concrete photography an update and asks, on the basis of works, especially the last ten years, again, for a definition of concrete photography against the backdrop of digital change. The catalogue of the exhibition shows with a section of the collection Peter C. Ruppert Some classics of concrete photography; From here he follows the traces of a ungegenstaendlichen, self-reflexive photography in contemporary art. Some photographic artists react to the digitisation of their medium with a Rueckwendung to the apparatus and to the experiment with photo paper and light-sensitive material, others use the new technical possibilities for a completely independent image generation by means of the computer. There are no limits to the experiment in both areas – the desire for images to be made without image as a characteristic of the» concrete «Remains and Aeussert in an excitingly multi-faceted way.